Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Smiling Rock

Every morning I drive my kids to school.  And each time we ride down the road in my old truck, I notice the smiling rock.  Sitting there on a street corner, its yellow face is beaming.  This is a daily reminder for me to keep on smiling.

Is Jesus Christ your Savior?  If so, you have a bunch to smile about.  Just think about this...

[1]  You were put here intentionally by God.  He chose to create the heavens, this world, and you.  That means you have immense value.  You're not an accident or the result of some cosmic mishap.  Far from it!  Your very existence is the result of God wanting you to be here on this Earth.  (See here and here.)

[2]  You have been forgiven of your sins.  Regardless of whether it's your public wrongdoings or your private failures, God gives you a full pardon and wipes the slate of your heart clean.  Shame and guilt can no longer bother you over your past.  And if when you fail morally again, His forgiveness will still be there.  His grace will continue to be greater than your sin.  (See here.)

[3]  You have a God who will meet your needs.  Maybe you're lacking something right now.  He knows your situation.  He understands what your circumstances are.  And He will take care of you.  One way or another, He will provide.  (See here.)

[4]  You have strength for your battles.  There's no need to rely solely on yourself in the struggles of life.  God, who is strong beyond description, will empower you.  He will equip you with whatever you need for whatever you face.  (See here and here.)

[5]  You have peace for your storms.  Life can get crazy and chaotic.  Stress levels can skyrocket in this world.  But God soothes hearts with His divine calmness.  He will saturate you with His serenity and enable you to feel at ease.  (See here.)

[6]  You have a home waiting for you.  When your life here on Earth comes to an end, your life up there in Heaven begins.  And this home will be a place of perfect security, complete happiness, and everlasting life.  Your new home will be far better than anything you can ever imagine.  (See here and here.)

[7]  You are loved.  As long as you're down here, God will love you.  And when you reach your home up there, God will continue loving you.  It is a pure, unconditional love that cares deeply about you.  Don't you see that?  You are treasured and highly valued by the Almighty God of Heaven and Earth.  (See here.)

You have a lot to smile about.  And so do I.  We have plenty of reasons to rejoice.  Maybe we won't have a smile on our faces 24/7.  Perhaps that's not realistic.  But we can sure smile on the inside by holding on to our joy and assurance that we are more than ok in His arms. 

God is good.  He's got you covered.  And you can feel mighty good about that.

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