Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Run The Church Like A Business?

One of our senior adults here at New Calvary Baptist was talking with me the other day about the church.  I really respect her, and I enjoy our conversations.  She made this remark:  "You know, in some ways, the church does have to be run like a business."

You know what?  She's right.  There are those in any church you can find who may not like to hear that, but it's still true.  In some ways, the church does indeed need to be run like a business.

Here are just a few ways I think all churches should operate like a business...

[1]  A church needs to operate on a budget ... and so does a business.  When money is collected, we must be very careful about where and how we use it.  There needs to be an agreed upon plan on how all funds will be managed.  A budget is key to making this happen. 

[2]  A church needs to operate under clearly defined policies ... and so does a business.  There must be guidelines for how things are done at any church.  This can include all sorts of things like job descriptions for volunteers and staff, regulations for the use of facilities for weddings, showers, or reunions, and rules for using church buses or vans.  As for these policies, they should be typed in a neat and orderly fashion so they can be easily found and followed.  Most importantly, these policies have to be followed.  Without structure, there is chaos. 

[3]  A church needs to have evaluations on a regular basis ... and so does a business.  How are we doing?  What is going well, and what needs improvement?  When it comes to the staff and volunteers, do we have the right people in the right places, and are things getting done successfully?  These are good questions that healthy churches should ask and answer on a regular basis.  Doing this objectively and honestly will help any church stay on its toes and in the right zone.

[4]  A church needs to have a plan ... and so does a business.  There should be goals in a local community of faith.  The staff and the congregation should know what these objectives are, and the focus must be on meeting them.  Without a plan, churches wander aimlessly and die eventually. 

The church sure is a special organization.  Jesus Christ is the head of it.  The Bible is it's manual.  The Holy Spirit nudges, guides, and convicts it.  And all the credit for success should go to God.

Truly, the church is a unique institution.  But it's still true that the church does deal with business.  God's business!  We must conduct it in an orderly, focused, and efficient manner.  That's how things get done.  And that's how God is honored.


  1. God's Business! AMEN! Have always shared these same values and have tried to run things accordingly. Have been in some churches that were very chaotic. Not a good experience. Christ is our CEO!

  2. Thanks! You and I think alike on this. And yes, Jesus is certainly the CEO. I agree with you fully.