Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bell To Bell

Mom has worked at the same school for over twenty years.  She recently told me something about her principal, who she respects greatly.  He tells his teachers the following:  "Teach your class from bell to bell."  This means he wants them to make the most of their time in the classroom.  When the first bell rings, he wants them to start class promptly.  And he wants them to continue teaching and working with students until the bell rings again.  Stopping before that bell rings is not acceptable. 
Mom agrees with him.  She says he is right.  And it makes perfect sense to me as well.
That makes me think about our time here on Earth.  When we're born, it's as if a bell rings.  That means our time is beginning.   And when we die, it's as if another bell rings.  That means our time down here is ending.  What we do with our lives in between the two bells of birth and death is very, very important. 
It's vital for you and me to maximize our moments.  God gives us life and opportunities.  He puts us here for a purpose.  Our responsibility is to use wisely His gift of life.
This does not mean we should become frazzled workaholics who exhaust ourselves at a breakneck pace.  Not at all.  God wants us to have a healthy rhythm of work and rest.  A good life has the right mixture of both.  The point is, however, that time is a precious commodity.  And we should use it wisely by being productive and getting things done.
The Apostle Paul mentions "making the most of every opportunity" in Ephesians 5:16.  That is a call to carefully consider each moment God has given us.  We, like the people of ancient Ephesus, must use our minutes, hours, and days prudently.
Steve Jobs was right when he said, "It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time."  Each day of life we have is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference and be a blessing.  And each day is a new chance to utilize the talents we have been blessed with from above.  
God has given you and me life.  What a priceless gift!  With His help, let's do all that we can with the time we have. 
Educators should teach from bell to bell.  And all of us with a pulse and breath should live bell to bell.  It's how time should be spent.

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