Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Night Rewind - 1/10/16

*  As I sit here on my couch at home tonight, I feel good about the Sunday we enjoyed at New Calvary Baptist Church!
*  Our Sunday morning crowd today was big.  Thanks be to God, we are seeing good sized crowds every week.  Very happy about that.
*  The music today was really worshipful and well done.  I appreciate the women and men who make up our music ministry.  They do a fine job.
*  I started a new sermon series today.  For the first part of this year, I'm preaching through the book of James.
*  Specifically, I preached this morning on James 1:1-12.  This included an introduction to the book, and a look at dealing with trials. 
*  Something I started doing today is preaching with PowerPoint.  It's been a few years since I've last done it, but I'm glad to get back to using it during the sermon time.  I think PowerPoint, when used properly, can be a good tool for helping the congregation and me.
*  I could not be happier with things at New Calvary Baptist.  They are a fine congregation, and I continue to enjoy being a part of them.  God sure blessed me when He allowed me the privilege of joining this church family.
*  The holidays have wrapped up, and my Katie headed back to college this weekend.  I was glad to have her home for a few weeks.
(Katie and me.  Saturday, January 9, 2016.)
*  Katie is growing up and doing really well.  I'm proud of the good things she's doing with her life.
*  Clay Smith, pastor of Alice Drive Baptist Church here in Sumter, wrote a fantastic blog post this week entitled "Three Things You Have To Share".  It's short but powerful.  Let me encourage you to read it by clicking HERE.
*  One thing we've been enjoying lately is South Carolina Gamecock Basketball.  So far, our guys are undefeated this season.  15 wins and 0 loses.  The ladies are undefeated as well, and ranked #2 in the country.
*  A few days ago we went to one of the games.  We sat in the upper deck and had a blast. 
*  The best blog post I've read lately on parenthood is entitled "5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Child's Life".  It's something all of us parents need to read.  It definitely made me think about how I raise my children.  Maybe it'll be a blessing to you as well.  Check it out by clicking HERE
*  So that's the latest.  No, my life is not perfect.  Everyone deals with challenges and issues, and that includes me.  But I'm blessed and thankful.  God's been good to me. 
*  Thanks for checking out my blog.  Some of you stop by here several times each week.  I'm honored that you choose to spend some of your time here reading my posts. 
*  I'll have plenty of new blog posts this week, and I hope you get something good out of them.  So feel to swing back here any time.
Good night, and God bless you.    

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