Friday, January 8, 2016

Approaching Royalty

A Texas girl experienced a big thrill recently.

Kacey Musgraves, who is a popular country singer, sang at Royal Albert Hall on November 13, 2015.  In attendance was actual royalty.  During that evening she got to meet Prince Harry.  That's a pretty huge deal!

She later admitted that she didn't exactly know the rules for approaching royalty.  In fairness to her, a lot of us Americans probably wouldn't know what to do either.  She didn't curtsy, as a lot of women traditionally do.  But she did give him a high five!  Being the good sport that he is, Prince Harry smiled and enjoyed the moment with her. 
I'm sure that's an awesome moment she'll always remember.

God is the ultimate royalty.  He is often referred to as The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  This means He outranks all Earthly rulers and leaders.  

When we approach Him in prayer, are there any rules?  I'm pretty sure women don't have to curtsy and men don't have to bow.  And I don't think a high five with Him is possible.

But I do know this about approaching our all-powerful God....

#1. We can come as we are.  In prayer we can be honest about what we really think and how we truly feel.  There is no need for us to perform when we interact with Him.  We can just be ourselves.  And God is more than ok with that.

#2. We can rest assured He welcomes us into His presence any hour of any day.  Unlike dealing with royalty of this world, we can approach the throne of God whatever time our heart desires.  He is available around the clock for you and me.

I'm happy for Miss Musgraves!  It's neat that she got to meet Prince Harry.  That's a wonderful experience that I'm sure she will always treasure in her heart.

And I'm even happier that she, you, and I can talk with the incredible God of Heaven and Earth whenever we want or need to do so.  He's just a prayer away.  And He enjoys conversations with us all.  

Why not talk with The King of Kings today?  It's really quite a sacred honor.  And it's always a blessing to the soul.

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