Thursday, January 15, 2015


Swan Lake, here in Sumter, SC, is where you can find this statue called "Recovery".  I went out there and visited it for a few moments this morning.  Nobody else was around, so I had time to take it all in and reflect on it.
It's eighteen feet high and made of stainless steel.  Grainger McKoy created this.  The statue is actually of a pintail duck's wing.  He once said that this wing position "is considered the weakest in bird flight."  In other words, when the pintail duck flies, this is the least powerful and most vulnerable position his wing can be in.
Weak.  Vulnerable.  We all get like that at times, don't we?  And when we do, we are in need of recovery.
Have you ever been there?  Maybe you made a big mistake, had to pay for it, and still hurt because of it.  Maybe someone did you wrong and wounded you.  Maybe life dealt you a hard hand, and you have struggled to get back on your feet.  When these sorts of things happen, we can get weak and vulnerable.  And it's then time for recovery.
If you're hurting, remember this:  God is loving and sympathetic.  Also, He is fully aware of your pain.  The good news is, you will not hurt forever.  Better days are ahead.  Yes, you will smile again, and you will rejoice again.  In time, He will enable you to recover.  You'll bounce back.  And these hard times will be behind you.
In the mean time, lean on God.  Allow Him to comfort and soothe you.  And listen out for what He may be trying to teach you.  Painful seasons of life can also be tremendous growing opportunities when we mature spiritually and emotionally.
My friend, you will recover.  Sooner or later, you will get through this, with God's help.  And all will be well.
*** P.S.  If you would like to see the webpage dedicated to this statue and view a brief video about it, just click HERE.

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