Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This morning I drove by a pond here in our town.  The temperature outside was very low.  And I thought to myself, "That water looks freezing cold!"

As I looked at the pond, I reflected on the fact that sometimes we human beings can be cold in our hearts.  And that really has a negative effect on others.  Just as nobody enjoys diving into cold water, nobody enjoys being around cold people.

Cold people are...

Arrogant.  They look down condescendingly on others.

Apathetic.  They come across as unconcerned about the needs and hurts of less fortunate people.

Angry.  They can be rude, abrupt, and harsh in their tone, demeanor, and actions.

Those kinds of people are not pleasant to deal with at all.

May God help us all be warm and loving instead of cold!  As we allow the shining light of His loving presence to fill us, we will warm up in our heart and be much more of a pleasure for others to be around.  What an awesome transformation that is.

So that's the choice we have:  Either we are cold and turn people away, or we are warm and draw people in.  That's it.  You and I ultimately have one effect or the other on those we meet.

May God warm our hearts so we can be warm towards our family, friends, neighbors, and world.

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