Saturday, January 10, 2015

Odds and Ends - Edition 2

Here are several different thoughts and items I'd like to share with you:

* Bill Cosby:  He's being accused left and right of assaulting women.  Maybe he did.  Maybe he didn't.  If he did, may God comfort and heal those who were hurt by him.  If he didn't, may Bill's name be cleared and redeemed.  Personally, I think he'd be smart to cancel any and all public speaking engagements that are on his calendar until this can be sorted out.  I do know this:  Anyone (including Mr. Cosby) is capable of doing evil, and everyone needs the Savior in this fallen, broken world.  

* Perry Noble:  I tip my hat to him for his online apology after some recent mistakes he made in his ministry.  It takes a mature person to own up to failure and seek to make things right.  Pastors are human too, and they make mistakes like everyone else on the planet.  Being humble and honest about falling short is a good step towards healing.  To read his apology, just click HERE. 

*  Freedom of Speech:  The terrorist attack in Paris this past week was terrible.  We all recoil at the idea of radicals killing people over a cartoon that was published in a magazine.  Americans have been reminding the world these past few days about the importance of free speech.  And I certainly agree with that!  The freedom to think for ourselves and express our ideas is a valuable thing.  But I do wonder this:  Is America consistent with this idea?  Do conservatives have the freedom to express their views on issues such as the sanctity of life and the definition of marriage without the threat of being fired or censored?  My point is, if we Americans really value freedom of speech like we say we do, then conservatives should have the same liberty as liberals.  In my opinion, this is currently not the case. 

* Oregon vs. Ohio State for the national championship on Monday night:  For me, it's "Go Ducks!"

* Hitting a girl:  Is it ok for guys to hit girls?  The best video I've seen in a while addressed this.  It's only 3 minutes long and it involves kids.  You really do want to watch this!  Just click HERE.

* O.S. Hawkins has written some great Christian books over the years.  I've read a few of them and use them in my ministry.  This week I learned several of his books can be downloaded for free on most devices.  I'd encourage you to check out his stuff and read some of it.  I give it two thumbs up!  To go to his website, just click HERE.

That's it for tonight.

Thanks for taking the time to swing by the blog.

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