Sunday, January 25, 2015

Odds And Ends - Edition 4

* I love the church I am allowed to serve, and I could not be happier than I am at New Calvary.  It's a Jesus-centered, grace-filled, people-loving church.

* Sidewalk Prophets is a really great band.  I enjoyed watching them last night at "Over The Top" here in Sumter.  You can visit their website HERE.

* So it's sounding like the New England Patriots cheated last week in a playoff game by deflating their footballs a little bit.  What came to my mind when I read about this was the idea that sooner or later our sins will find us out.  Eventually, things we do in private will come to the light.  That's true for all of us.

* I'm pulling for Seattle to win the Super Bowl.  

* College football is way more exciting than pro, in my opinion.  But I am a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan and I do enjoy the Super Bowl every year.

* Apparently people in Birmingham, Alabama love the Bible more than people in any other city.  And people in Providence, Rhode Island seem to love it the least.  To read about this, just click HERE.

* The Supreme Court will be deciding soon if gay marriage is to be a right nationwide here in the US.  Regardless of what they say or write, my stance will remain the same.  Marriage is for a man and a woman.  I base my stance on what Jesus said about marriage.  (To see for yourself, click HERE.)

* Big Time Congrats to Duke's Coach K on his 1,000th win.  He's the best in the business.

* I am on Twitter.  You can check in any time you want to see what's going on over there.  To visit my page, just click HERE.

* The Newsboys is a well known Christian band.  One of the guys who helped found the band is now an atheist and has very little good to say about them.  I was surprised to read this.  To check it out for yourself, click HERE.

* God is great, and He always will be.


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