Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Marriage Secret

I recently sat in the living room of an elderly couple that I respect greatly.  They are fine Christian people.  And they've been married a long, long time.  63 years, to be exact.

While visiting with them, I asked this question:  "So, what's the secret to staying married for so long?"  Without hesitation, the wife looked at me and said, "The Lord."  That was the secret.  The Lord.

Their marriage secret makes perfect sense, doesn't it?!  When a husband and wife both look Heavenward, it most certainly does help their relationship.  Let's think about this...

The Lord helps couples love each other.

The Lord helps couples forgive each other when they fail.

The Lord helps couples be patient with each other.

The Lord helps couples serve each other with humble hearts.

The Lord helps couples stay strong when life gets rocky and painful.

It's just the truth.  When a man and a woman invite The Lord into their marriage, the chances of success skyrocket to a much higher level.  If you ask me, that's an advantage we all would be wise to take advantage of.

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