Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tricking Santa

Christmas morning had arrived in our South Carolina home.  My two brothers and I were buzzing with excitement as we ran into the bedroom where our parents were sleeping.  Once our dad opened his eyes half-way, we all asked "Can we go see if Santa came?"  He and Mom slowly got up and finally agreed for us all to head to the living room.  Like race horses at the Kentucky Derby, my brothers and I took off down the hall.  Our pajamas had the old school footies on them, which enabled us to slide down the hardwood floors with glee, nearly crashing into the wall.  It was thrilling.

We turned the corner and barreled into the living room.  Santa had come!  Presents for Wyman, Condy, and me were neatly set up and waiting for us.  Diving into the gifts, we slung wrapping paper and bows everywhere.  Shouts of excitement filled our home.

After a few moments, my youngest brother Wyman said this:  "I can't believe it.  I tricked him.  I tricked Santa!  I've been bad all year and I don't deserve any of this stuff.  But I tricked him at the store and told him I was good."  I was just a clueless little kid and didn't know what he was talking about.  But I remember Dad and Mom looking at each other and smiling for some reason.

The truth is this:  Wyman had not tricked "Santa".  And neither had Condy and me.  We were just fortunate to have someone look at us and love us despite our flaws.  Even though we all had been a wild as bucks at times, we were blessed with gifts anyway.

My friends, that is called grace.

On a deeper level, God sees us inside out.  He knows when we are good.  He knows when we are bad to the bone.  But through it all, He still loves us and offers us the riches of His salvation.  We haven't tricked Him.  We've just been blessed with His undeserved goodness.

What a Father we have in the Lord!  And what a love He has for us!  Let's be thankful and rejoice in Him on this day.

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