Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I used to keep this picture on my phone.

Whenever I had a few free minutes, and when I would lie down at night, I would look at it.  While doing this, I would think to myself, "Man, I wish I was there right now.  I'd love to leave everyone and everything behind and go start a new life!"  I wanted to escape the stress points and challenges I was facing.

I wanted a small room of my own in this cozy little mountain town.  Also, I wanted a quiet, easy job that demanded very little of me.  Finally, I wanted a new group of people in my life.

Some fantasy, wasn't it?!

Now, I think a little different.  Actually, I have changed big time in how I think and feel.  It's funny how God has a way of transforming us from the inside out, isn't it?!

I've realized that regardless of where we go, and who we are with, life sometimes gets a little complicated, messy, and, yes, even stressful.  Even life in mountain towns that have beautiful scenery and a slow pace can get difficult.  It's really not possible to escape the normal stresses of life.  It comes with the territory.

So the best thing we can do is deal with where we are and who we know.  We must trust in God and learn to work through challenges rather than run from them.  In doing this, we grow stronger and wiser.  And we get to experience the thrill of overcoming obstacles.

Yeah, I still love the mountains.  And one day I hope to take Lara and the kids there with me on a vacation.  That would be so nice.

But I don't want to escape anymore.  I don't want to leave behind my family, friends, and responsibilities.  Not at all.

I want to live where God put me.  I want to love the people God has placed in my life.  I want to succeed with the responsibilities God gave me.  I want to dig deep, work hard, and overcome the challenges God allows me to face.  That's how I think and feel now.  And I'm filled with much more joy and peace because of it.


  1. great post, as always david--but i have to know, where was that picture taken?

  2. Hey Jamie! Thanks a million, man. I came across that picture online over a year ago. It's a little town in Idaho. Cool looking place, isn't it?!