Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Pocket Inside The Pocket

My classroom keys were missing.  As a new 8th grade teacher, I was panicking.  I checked my pockets, my desktop, my backpack, my car, and every other place I could think of.  No keys!  Then I double-checked all the same locations once more.  Still, I could not find them.  I was too embarrassed to say much about it because I was just starting the job, and I didn't want to look out of sorts to people.  Filled with frustration I searched high and low all afternoon.  No luck.

Later that night I was putting my clothes in the washing machine.  As I was walking towards the laundry room, I heard a jingle noise on the floor.  I looked down and saw my keys!  Then it made sense.  My jeans had a pocket inside the pocket.  And earlier that day I had unknowingly put my keys in the inner pocket.  Fortunately, they fell out my jeans when I was about to do my laundry.

How crazy was that?  I was looking everywhere for my keys, and the whole time they were right there with me.  Right by my side.

As I think back on that, I realize that at times I've done the same thing with God.  I've had moments of loneliness, fear, grief, and pain.  And while I was going through those times, I sometimes wondered "Where is God?"  He didn't seem near to me at all.  I could not feel His presence.  It was like He had vanished.  Then someone I knew or something I read reminded me that God was right there with me.  The whole time He had been by my side and I just didn't realize it.

Jesus made this promise in Matthew 28:20:  "I am with you always, to the very end of the age."  What a promise from our Lord!  Day in and day out, rain or shine, in good times and bad, He stays here with us.  He is a faithful companion through thick and thin.

If God seems distant or missing, remember His promise and hold on to your faith.  He is there.  Closer than you think.  And He does care!  One way or another, He will see you through.  That's just how awesome God really is.

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