Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Class At 30,000 Feet

Once I was in Miami's airport.  I was about to catch a flight to Atlanta.  While sitting there, I thought about how cool it would be to fly first class that night, but I couldn't afford the extra charge.  So I just walked up to the counter and talked with a lady who was working.  I asked, "Ma'am, I have a ticket for this flight in coach, but I'd like to fly first class instead.  Can you upgrade me at no extra charge?"  She smiled and responded, "I'll be glad to check and see what I can do."  After a few moments of clicking away on her computer's keypad she looked at me, smiled again, and said "Ok, Mr. Richardson, you're all set to fly to Atlanta tonight in first class at no extra charge.  Enjoy your flight!"  You know what?  I sure did enjoy that flight!  I soared back home to Lara and the kids at 30,000 feet in comfort and peace.  Man, I'll never forget that flight through the nighttime sky.

Ok, I realize that flying first class is probably more of a luxury than a necessity.  And I must admit it was the only time in my life I've ever done that.  But my story has a point, and here it is:  something good happened to me because I simply asked for it.  I didn't demand it.  I didn't feel entitled to it.  I just asked for it.  

James 4:2 tells us "You do not have because you do not ask God."  That verse has me thinking we may be doing without some things in life because we have not asked God to provide them.  Our refusal to pray and humbly ask Him to come through for us may be the reason our lives are lacking in one area or another.

Perhaps you need a job.  Maybe you need healing from a sickness.  Possibly you are in a relationship that is in need of restoration.  Why not ask God to meet your need in these or other areas?  

Know these things about God:  He is good.  He is in control.  And He is a proven provider.  Throughout the history of mankind, God has come through for His people.  He has demonstrated His ability to meet needs, heal infirmities, and fix relationships.  
No, God is not a Heavenly vending machine that gives us everything we request.  He is not our celestial Santa Clause that lavishes us with all our wishes.  There are times God tells us "No" for one reason or another.  But that does not mean He is apathetic or disinterested in what we are experiencing.  It just means that He has a plan that sometimes may be a little hard for us to understand at the moment.

What is it that you need?  Why not just ask God for it?  Go to Him and pray about it.  Ask Him to bless you and meet that need.  After all, there is no one better to talk with than Him, and there is no one better equipped to provide for you than Him.

Just ask for it and give God a chance.  You may be surprised at how one way or another He comes through on your behalf.  And what a blessing that will be.

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