Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Wife And Me

Here is a picture of my wife and me from yesterday morning.  It was taken before our family went off to school and work.  Right after this was snapped, we raced out the door in various directions.

She and I teach at different schools, with different colors and mascots, in different towns.  We have different levels of teaching experience.  And we work with different groups of people.

Isn't that marriage in a nutshell?  A guy and a girl get together, and even though they have different personalities, habits, tendencies, experiences, and mind sets, they still have a connection.  And this is a connection of love, understanding, patience, and forgiveness.

In some ways, Lara and I are different from each other.  We just are!  And I guess we always will be.  But I'm realizing that's ok.  Maybe it's a good thing we aren't just alike.  We balance each other out and we both bring something unique to the relationship.  

I've learned to just celebrate the differences.  Also, I've come to understand that in marriage we're different, but the same.  We are the same in loving God, each other, and our kids.  And since we are the same on those things that matter most, I'm thinking we will be just fine.

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