Thursday, December 12, 2013

Past That

My son, Emerson, recently got in a little trouble at home one Saturday morning, and I had to have a "come to Jesus" talk with him.  He was fine in the afternoon.  But that night he got in trouble with me again.  I said "Son, you already messed up this morning, why on Earth are you doing it again tonight?"  He thought a second and said, "Well Dad, as for this morning, I thought we were past that."  I had to admit, my boy had a good point on that one.

See, our family believes that when we forgive, we leave the wrongdoing behind us, and we do not bring it up again.   It stays in the past.  God does that.  And so must we.

Do you remember your sin from your past?  Well, God has forgiven you.  He's left it behind and moved past that.

Do you remember how someone wronged you a while back?  Let God help you forgive them.  Then leave it behind and move past that.

I appreciate my son reminding me of a great truth!  When forgiveness takes place, the wrong deed is buried and not brought back to the surface again.  And most importantly, we must move past that.

Thanks, Emerson.  You're a smart little boy.  And I sure like being your dad! 

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