Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Heaven Is Like

I was talking recently with a family here in Sumter.  One of the ladies told me about her uncle who had an unusual request.  He asked her to put his cell phone in his casket when he died.  She asked him why he wanted that done.  "So when I get to Heaven, I can call you and tell you what it's like", was his reply.  Sure enough, when he died, she remembered his request.  And shortly before his funeral, she placed his cell phone in the casket.

She and I both got a laugh out of that story.  Obviously the uncle and the lady knew it doesn't quite work like that.  But it was a neat moment that meant a lot to her.

I kind of doubt she will get a phone call from Heaven.  But I do know she and the rest of us can learn a little bit about what it's like.  How?  By looking in scripture.

Here's what won't be in Heaven: Revelation 21:4 tells us there will be no crying, no hurting, and no dying.  Nobody will suffer up there at all.  This world we live in now has plenty of tears, pain, and death.  But Heaven will have smiles, comfort, and life.  So if you're hurting now, just remember this:  better days are coming, and your difficulties will be no more. 

Here's what will be in Heaven:  John 14:2 tells us God's house is there, and it has plenty of rooms for His people.  Seeing that everything our Lord has and does is perfect, I feel confident in saying this mansion will be spectacular.  Then, in the next verse, we see that Jesus will there with us too.  We will get to see, hear, and experience His presence in an up close and personal way.  What a thrill that will be!  Interacting with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in that proximity will be an incredible blessing we delight in forever.  It will be wonderful to see our loved ones, friends, and heroes up there too.  But being in God's house with Jesus will clearly be the best part of all.

Do you know how to get to Heaven?  Ask Jesus to forgive you sins, save your soul, and reserve your spot.  That's what He meant in John 14:6 when He said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."  There you have it.  It is through Jesus that you have a meaningful life on Earth and an eternal life in Heaven.

If that lady ever gets a phone call from up there, I'll be sure to let you know.  But in the mean time, just keep your eyes on Jesus.  That will make life better down here, and it will give you something awesome to look forward to up there.

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