Saturday, November 14, 2015

Little Things

I turned 45 years old recently.  That night, my family threw a party with cake, ice cream, and presents.  We all had a great time.

After the party, my young son, Emerson, handed me a bag.  Inside was some wadded up notebook paper.  I carefully opened up the paper and found a little Lego man inside.  My boy then said, with a smile on his face, "Happy Birthday, Dad.  I hope you like it."  I hugged him and replied, "Thanks buddy!  I love it."  And I meant that.  It's on my dresser and will remain there.
He's a kid who is too young to work or earn money.  So he did the best he could with what he had.  In his room he picked out something that meant a lot to him, and he chose to bless me with it.  Though small in size, the gift truly was meaningful.  And it still is.

Little things can mean a lot.  When we have love and goodwill in our hearts, even the smallest gesture from us has the potential to bring sunshine into the life of someone else.  At that moment, God can take a little thing and make it a big thing.

Smile at someone today.  Open a door for a lady.  Take the kids or grandkids outside and play with them.  Thank a waitress for serving you that meal.  Tell your wife she is beautiful and you love her.  Slow down and listen when an elderly person shares with you a story about the good old days.  Express gratitude to your husband for working and providing for the family.  Visit someone who is not doing well physically.  

When you do things like these, you'll be reminded of the power in little things.  It's the tiny deeds and gifts that can sometimes mean the most.  And we may bring more of a blessing into someome else's life than we realize.  Just like Emerson's Lego gift did for me.

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