Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Night Rewind - 11/8/15

*  A big crowd with many visitors showed up today here at New Calvary Baptist Church.

*  I love seeing new faces on Sundays!

*  This morning I preached on "What God Wants From Us" out of Micah 6:6-8.  You can read that scripture by clicking HERE.  My points were that God wants us to [1] Treat people right, [2] Help the hurting, [3]  Remember our place.

*  Our choir started working on this year's Christmas Cantata and I have been recruited to sing and narrate it.  This afternoon we checked it out for the first time.  I really like what we're doing.  Here is what we're singing:
*  Tonight I led our church in the first session of a new study called "The God You're Looking For".  It's based on a book by Bill Hybels.  In our 6:00 pm service I taught about God knowing everything.  Obviously, He does know it all, and this includes our [1] secrets, [2] scars, and [3] service.  And it's a good thing He knows everything!

*  Can I brag on my Emerson for just a minute?!  He received an award today for "Most Improved Player" on his football team.  The Chargers gave him some love, and we all are extremely proud of him.  At the start of this season, he was unsure of himself.  But he hung in there and got better as the season progressed.  What a thrill it is for us to see him rewarded for his efforts.  Here is a picture from today of Emerson and his head coach:
*  "Spectre" is pretty good.  I saw it Friday night.  But I still think "Skyfall" is the best James Bond movie I've ever seen.

*  Those Clemson Tigers are looking like a National Championship team.  They just keep winning.

*  Our Carolina Gamecocks sure have had a tough season this year.  Hopefully the winning ways will return soon.  I'm sure it's tough on those players dealing with these losses. 

*  I've seen more rain this year in South Carolina than I've ever seen before.  This is amazing. 

*  Revival services begin next Sunday here at New Calvary Baptist Church.  My good buddy, Dr. Tim Sieberhagen, will be preaching the sermons.  I'm really excited about this. 

That's it for tonight.

God's been mighty good to me and I'm really thankful.

I'll have plenty of new blog posts this week, so feel free to check back in anytime!

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