Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Rewind - 2015

*  It didn't start off so great, but it ended up being amazing.

*  Because of car issues, Lara, the kids, and I weren't able to be together on Thanksgiving Day.  But I was fortunately with my lovely daughter, Lizzie.  She and I had Thanksgiving lunch at Ruby Tuesday here in Sumter, while Lara and the rest of the crew were in Greenville, SC.  I did enjoy the time I spent with Lizzie.  She's a great girl.

*  The next day, the entire Richardson family (Dad, Mom, brothers, wives, and kids) was able to meet up in the mountains of North Carolina.  We all stayed in the same hotel and spent a couple days together.  It was an absolute blast!

*  My two brothers, Condy and Wyman, were there.  It's about once a year that we all get together, so we really enjoyed it.  Condy is a pastor here in South Carolina, and Wyman is a pastor in Arkansas.  I'm real proud of both of my brothers. 
*  My kids enjoyed getting together with all of their cousins.  That crew gets along really well, and they always have a blast.  I liked seeing them have such a good time with each other.
*  We ventured over to Bryson City, which is a neat little mountain town.  There we boarded the Polar Express for a train ride.  That was simply incredible!  Hot chocolate and cookies were served.  Christmas carols were sung.  The Polar Express story was told.  And Santa climbed aboard for a quick visit.  We all became kids again and had the time of our lives.  I absolutely loved it!  It should also be pointed out that Lara especially had a blast with Santa.
*  The rest of the weekend was spent laughing and sharing stories, watching the kids in the indoor pool, and exploring Bryson City.  It was the perfect getaway.

*  I love the mountains of North Carolina.  It's peaceful and beautiful up there. 

*  I took today off from New Calvary Baptist Church.  LC preached for me this morning, and Jock Hendricks preached tonight.  They're both good guys, and I appreciate them filling in.  I did miss our church family today, and I look forward to seeing them again in a few days.

*  This Thanksgiving season, I'm truly grateful for all the blessings that have come my way.  I'm thankful for my family, New Calvary Baptist Church, Elmore Hill McCreight Funeral Home, good friends, my health, and God's amazing grace.  Truly, this is a good season of life that I'm in right now.  Things are going well.

*  So now we're entering the Christmas Season.  It'll be a great time celebrating the birth of Jesus.  What a special time of the year that is!

*  I hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving.  May God allow us all to enjoy a special Christmas Season.

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