Thursday, November 19, 2015

Donna's Courage With The Snake

Donna is the wife of my good friend, Tim Sieberhagen.  She's a neat Christian lady who loves God and loves people.  Our whole family likes her.

One day, my crew was over at their home.  All of a sudden, the kids started yelling, "A snake is in the house!"  People were freaking out.  Tim and I decided to check out what was happening.  And when we (the two men in the house) saw the snake in their dining room, we became cowards.  Seriously, we did.  We looked at each other and said, "I'm not going to get that!" 

But Donna sprung into action.  Armed with a broom and a little trash can, she marched right into that dining room.  Carefully, she used her broom to get the snake into the trash can.  Then she calmly walked outside to their back fence, and let it slither away into the woods.

Wow.  She was sure brave!  Calm, cool, and collected.  Totally in control.

Tim and I, on the other hand, had chickened out.  We totally dropped the ball.  Our fear held us back from doing what was necessary.

We all still laugh about that moment.  It's been a favorite story of our two families for a while.  And I suppose it always will be. 

Courage.  It's desperately needed in our world today.  Why?  Because we're dealing with matters far more serious than a little snake.

Addiction.  Divorce.  Unemployment.  Financial hardship.  Moral decay.  Terrorism.  Godlessness.  We have some tough issues in today's world.  Lots of people are hurting.  And the time has arrived for men and women to step up with courage and strength.  We must address these difficult issues with the heart of Jesus and minister to those who are in pain.

It's easy to shy away and not get involved with scary things.  But it's also cowardly.  It leaves people alone in their suffering.

We Christians know the answer to life's biggest problems.  And we are equipped with love, hope, peace, and strength from above.  God has poured all of this into us, along with His own personal presence.  Our job is to get involved with this world and offer them what God has already given us.

"Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."  That's Joshua 1:9.  And it's what we must always remember.  Strength and courage are found in knowing that God is with us. 

So, men and women of God, be courageous.  You're armed with something better than a broom and a trash can.  You have love to share, truth to speak, and hope to offer.  Let people know that God is there and He does care.

Thanks, Donna, for being courageous with the snake.  You've inspired us all.  May your example motivate the rest of us to step up and do ministry in difficult situations.

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