Saturday, May 30, 2015

Griping At Chick-Fil-A

I was at Chick-fil-a recently here in Sumter.  While I was placing my order at the counter, I overheard a customer at the next register.  He was holding up his cell phone at a female employee and complaining.

"Excellent restaurants all have wifi.  But you guys don't.  You want to be an excellent restaurant don't you?!  Then y'all have got to provide wifi for your customers."  He went on about this for a couple of minutes.  All the lady could say was, "I'm sorry, sir."

It made me shake my head and laugh.  I thought to myself, "This guy is standing here in an awesome restaurant that serves millions of people tasty chicken sandwiches, delicious sweet tea, and wonderful waffle fries.  And it's a business that was founded by Christians.  Yet here he is, griping at Chick-fil-a simply because he can't access the internet for a few minutes."

Good grief.

He had so much positive going on around him at that moment.  And yet he chose to focus on the one negative.  Because of this, he missed out on what could have been a fantastic experience.

In the spirit of fairness, we all probably do that from time to time.  If we're not careful, we can get hung up on one or two negatives in life while we lose sight of the many positives that surround us.  It's kind of like we go blind to the gifts God has bestowed upon us.

May God forgive us when we do that.

Let's focus on what is going for us instead of against us.  Let's count our many blessings from above.  And let's be thankful for the good things that we get to enjoy in our lives.

God is good.  He blesses us daily with His grace and love.  Because of this, He should hear shouts of gratitude from us instead of gripes of bitterness.

Thank you, Lord, for your kindness to your people.

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