Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Odds And Ends - Edition 11

There are a lot of Odds And Ends to life in my world these days.  Here's the latest.
*  Saturday, May 30, was quite a day.  I officiated a burial at sea.  A very nice family in our community wanted to spread that ashes of their late parents in the Atlantic, and they asked me to be the minister for the occasion.  Of course, I agreed.  A boat was chartered and we went three nautical miles into the ocean.  Then I read some scripture and shared a few words.  One of the family members delivered a touching eulogy.  After this, I watched them quietly pour the ashes of the parents into the Atlantic.  It was a touching moment.  I'll always remember it.  And it was an honor to be a part of something so unique and meaningful.  God bless that fine family for how they honored their parents.
*  Sunday, May 31, was a special day here at New Calvary Baptist Church.  We had Graduate Recognition Day.  Each of the graduates was recognized and given a gift.  Our church family is very proud of the these young people for moving forward in life and reaching important milestones. 
*  Of course, my Katie was one of the graduates recognized.  This coming Saturday is her big day to walk the stage and receive her diploma.  She's getting really excited about this, and our family is proud of her.
(Lara, Katie, and me.  Graduate Recognition Day.  May 31, 2015)

 *  Sunday night was fun.  We had our "5th Sunday Night Singing" here at the church.  I think this was my favorite one we've had.  Different people got up and sang special songs that touched a lot of hearts.  After the service, our church family enjoyed ice cream, brownies, and cookies.  People sat around the fellowship hall eating and visiting.  It was a neat time that everyone seemed to enjoy.
*  Emerson has his awards ceremony this morning at school.  He wanted to dress up in his finest for today, so we let him do it.  I was proud of my boy and the awards he got.  He was recognized for good conduct and performing well in art class.  Emerson also enjoyed his teacher this year.  She was the perfect teacher for him.
(Emerson and his 4th grade teacher, June 2, 2015)
*  Lizzie and Rachel are doing really well too.  I'm proud of how those girls are growing up.  They're excited about the upcoming summer.  
*  I'm blown away at how far God has brought our family the past three years.  He has blessed us and poured His goodness into our lives.  We're learning a lot, growing a lot, and bonding a lot.  Gratitude fills my heart because of how good He is to us.  Grace really is an amazing thing!

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