Friday, October 2, 2015

The Honduran Soldiers, Guns, And Me

Scared out of my mind.  That's what I was.  And I thought I was maybe about to die.  Seriously.

I was riding in a truck through these back, dirt roads of Honduras.  All of a sudden, two young soldiers stepped out from the woods and into the road.  Our driver slowed down and they jumped into the back of the truck.  I was about three feet from them.  They were young guys, but their guns were intimidating.  I thought to myself, "Well, this is it.  I'm about to get shot."  

After a few miles, our driver stopped.  Then he got out and spoke with the soldiers in Spanish.  They eventually smiled and laughed.  I think they all could sense my fear, and the driver explained they meant me no harm at all.  They just needed a lift for a few miles to their post.

I was so relieved.  Through my translator, I asked them if I could get a picture taken with them.  They agreed.  To be honest, I still was nervous when the camera went "click", but I was glad to know I was not about to die.

At first, I thought something negative would happen between them and me.  But I was mistaken.  They meant no ill will towards me in the least.

Some people have the same kind of suspicion about God.  They think something negative will happen between Him and them.  But nothing could be farther from the truth.

God is loving, forgiving, kind, and peaceful.  When we encounter Him, He wants to save us with His grace and bless us with His goodness.  Because of this, we can approach Him knowing He means well and we will be just fine with Him.

I was glad to know those soldiers were ok with me.  What a relief!  But I'm even more thrilled to know that God Almighty is ok with us!  He is wildly in love with us and wants to make our lives nothing but better.  He wants only the best things in life for you and me.  How great it is to know that!

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