Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Night Rewind - 10/25/15

*  Been a great Sunday here at New Calvary Baptist Church!
*  Our church family recognized me during the 11:00 am worship service and gave me a nice gift for "Pastor Appreciation Month".  That really meant a lot.
*  Really enjoyed being in Sunday School today and hearing a good lesson taught by Ms. Janice.  I enjoy the times I can be there, sit back, and hear someone teach.  It does me a lot of good.
*  Tonight was our church's Harvest Festival.  Plenty of kids dressed up in costumes for games, supper, Trunk of Treat, and (of course!) tons of candy.  The hayride looked mighty fun too.  Many thanks to our ladies and guys for their hard work.  They put on a great time for everyone!!
*  I preached on the prodigal son this morning out of Luke 15:11-32.  My two points were as follows:  [1]  There is emptiness in sin.  [2]  There is grace in the Father. 
*  I returned to my college alma mater yesterday in Greenville, South Carolina.  Took Katie, Lizzie, and Emerson with me.  Showed them around the campus and then enjoyed the Furman - Citadel game.  I graduated from Furman University in '93, so it was fun showing them around my old stomping grounds.
(Kids & me at Furman University.  10/24/15)
(Our view at Furman - Citadel Football Game)
(My Emerson & Furman Paladin mascot at the stadium)
*  Alvania, one of the ladies in our church, handed me a quote on a tiny sheet of paper this past week.  It's definitely the quote of the week for me.  Here you go:  "Courage is fear on its knees."  That's good stuff!!  When afraid, get on your knees, pray to the Lord, and let Him fill you with His courage.
*  The new Star Wars trailer :  FANTASTIC.  Haven't seen it yet?  Then just click here. 
*  My dad can wear a bow tie and look good doing it.  Mighty impressed with him.  He was styling at church today.
*  Clemson's football team looks mighty good to me.  It's shaping up to be a special year for those Tigers.
*  Glad to see our community quickly recovering from the flood.  Some people and their homes are still struggling though.  Let's still be mindful of them and willing to help.
That's all for tonight, folks.  Been a good weekend. 
I've got lots of new blog posts coming up this week.  Hope you enjoy them.
God bless you and yours!!

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