Thursday, October 29, 2015

All Day Long

It's been big news lately.  McDonalds is now making breakfast available all day long.  And people are mighty happy about it.
You want an Egg McMuffin at lunch time?  Go for it! 
You long for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit late in the afternoon?  It's all yours!
You want a sausage biscuit for a late night snack?  Enjoy!
There's no doubt that plenty of Big Macs and fries will still be sold under the golden arches.  But plenty of people out there especially love breakfast items, and they are super excited about this.  It's a happy day for those folks.
Here's a cool thought:  Just as McDonalds makes breakfast available all day long, God makes Himself available to you and me around the clock!
He is here for us morning, afternoon, and evening.  Regardless of the time, God is present.  He never checks out or takes a break.  God and all of His life-changing blessings are here to stay.
You need His courage to begin your day?  It's there for the taking!
You require His strength for the afternoon responsibilities?  Have at it!
You want His peace to comfort you in the evening?  It's waiting on you!
You don't have to wait until tomorrow morning.  You don't have to hold off until you get to church on Sunday.  God is here for you this very moment.  And the moment after that. 
Good news, my friend!  You get to enjoy God all day long.  So go ahead and experience the blessing that has no end.

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