Monday, October 12, 2015

Disaster or Delight?

Around our city of Sumter we can see the leftover damage of last week 's flood.  Carpet, furniture, and other items that were thoroughly soaked with water are now sitting by the sides of streets so they can eventually be hauled away.  It's sad to ride through our community and see how many people are losing their possessions.

Seeing the yards has me thinking about more than just the lasting impact a flood can leave on a home.  Much more!  I'm also thinking about the lasting impact we can leave on the lives of people we encounter.    

We meet lots of people along the journey of life.  And we impact them one way or another.  Either we are a disaster or a delight.

Some people are left hurting by us.  They feel used, abused, and mistreated in general.  And they are left behind with painful memories and deep scars because of their time with us.

Other people are left feeling blessed by us.  They feel like their lives are better because of the time they spent in our presence.  And they are left behind with a mixture of happy memories with warm feelings because of their experience with us.

How do we leave people feeling in the aftermath of our time with them?  Would they say their experience in our presence was a disaster like a storm or a delight like a sunny day?  It's a question worth considering.

May God help each of us be a blessing to those we know and meet!  Let's make the lives of others better and brighter with our words and deeds.  When we do this, they will always remember us as being a delight for which they are truly thankful.

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