Friday, April 3, 2015

Why Good Friday Is Good

Good Friday is the day we Christians remember the cross of Jesus Christ.
It is on this cross that our Savior suffered, bled, and died centuries ago.
So why is Good Friday good?
It is GOOD that He took all our sins upon Himself.
It is GOOD that He stood in our place and bore our punishment.
It is GOOD that the required payment for sin was made.
It is GOOD that He was obedient to the plan of His Father.
It is GOOD that Satan and his forces were defeated.
It is GOOD that forgiveness for our sins was made available.
It is GOOD that we were able to experience peace with God.
It is GOOD that access to Paradise was provided.
It is GOOD that God's love for us was proven.
Yes, we call it Good Friday for a reason.  Good was accomplished on that cross.  This good blesses us today, and will continue to do so for all of eternity.

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