Friday, April 17, 2015

A Little Overboard On Friday

It's Friday.  We're happy here in the Richardson house.  No school tomorrow for the kids.  No work tomorrow for the wife or me.  It's looking like a peaceful, enjoyable weekend awaits us.
You know the feeling.  Fridays put a little extra spring in your step and a bigger smile on your face.  It's a wonderful day!
I was looking at Twitter just now, when I found what Dave Ramsey (a great guy!) posted an hour ago.  It really spoke to me.  Check it out for yourself:
Wow!  That'll grab anyone's attention.  And it should make us all think.
Sure,  Fridays are special.  There's no point in trying to downplay its significance.  After all, it is the door through which we step into the weekend, where there is usually a little less pressure than what most of us face on normal weekdays.
But doesn't Ramsey make a valid point?  If we're miserable Monday - Thursday, and if the only thing we're doing on weekdays is trying to make it to Friday, maybe it is time for a change indeed.
Here's what runs through this brain of mine:
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday...
God's presence is ours to enter,
God's joy is ours to experience,
God's peace is ours to embrace.
I once played golf with a guy in North Carolina who looked at me after we finished the 18th hole and said, "Well, I endured it."  Did you catch that?  He endured it.  He did not say he enjoyed it.
Let's don't just endure Monday - Thursday.  That's no way to live.  Let's do more than try to survive those days so we can make it to Friday.  Life can be better than that.  Let's enjoy every day in The Lord.
Every day is a gift!
Every day is an opportunity!
Every day is a chance for us to proclaim enthusiastically Psalm 118:24, which reads "This is the day that the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it."
So, yeah, may your family and mine have a most Happy Friday!!  That's a great thing.  But let's also remember to tell ourselves on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, "With God's presence, today is going to be a blessed day too!!"
I'm glad the joy God gives us is not just confined to Friday.  Aren't you?

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