Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just Like Me?

I spent the afternoon with my son today.  We went to a state park for some hiking.  Then we drove out to the country to shoot his bb gun.

When we started heading home, I realized I did not have my seat belt on.  I just forgot to do it, which is unlike me.  Then, I glanced to my right and saw my son sitting there in the passenger seat.  He did not have on his either.  So, without saying a word, I put on my seatbelt.  After I clicked it in, I looked out the corners of my eyes at him.  Guess what he did?  He put on his seat belt. 

This silent experience got me wondering:  Do I want my son to be just like me?

See, from time to time I get reminded that kids watch what we adults do.  And quite often they imitate what we do.  Whether it's good or bad, they often walk in our footsteps and follow our examples.

I guess all of us grownups should ask ourselves this question:  Do we want our kids to be like us?

Do we want our kids to be just like us in how we...
Handle our emotions?
Spend our money?
Treat our spouse?
Manage our time?
Conduct our business?

Do we want our kids to be just like us in how we react to...

The seat belt moment today serves as a reminder.  Our kids watch us.  And they often do what they see us doing. 

If we want these sons and daughters to live better, we must live better.  We must show them the way.  We must set the example.  We must model how life should be lived.

Men, let's be good men.  Women, be good women.  One reason for this is simple:  Because our kids are watching us.  And one day, when they grow up, there's a good chance they may end up just like us.

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