Thursday, April 9, 2015

Catcaller Or Gentleman?

Our family has a friend who wrote on Facebook recently about guys yelling out and catcalling her.  In her post, she stated there is "absolutely nothing cute" about guys behaving this way towards females.  Furthermore, she said she is not "a piece of meat" and has no desire "to be hit on in this way."  I could tell by reading it that this lady has been hurt and offended.

That got me thinking about something the Bible teaches.  1 Timothy 5:2 calls us to treat "younger women as sisters, with absolute purity."  Guys, when we're dealing with females, God wants us to be pure towards them.  In our thoughts, words, and actions, we are to be gentlemanly and behave towards them like they are our sisters.  In other words, we are to treat women like we would treat our family. 

Let's be honest, fellows:  We know we will always notice a pretty lady.  We're visual.  That's how God wired us.  Older and younger guys can't help but appreciate a lovely female.  But we still are called to practice restraint and behave accordingly.

I'll never forget an old seminary professor I had.  He was way up there in age.  One day in class he said, "Guys, I may be old but I still notice pretty girls.  So here is what I do:  When I see a lovely young woman walking towards me in the hallway I smile, say "Hello" to her, keep walking without staring at her, and silently pray, 'Lord, You sure did a good job on that one!'  Then, I make my way to my next appointment and continue on with my day."  We all erupted with laughter at this elderly professor telling us this.  But we also knew he was right.  It's ok to notice someone is attractive.  There's no sin in that.  But we then are to keep our eyes ahead and move on with our business.

No woman or girl wants to feel awkward or like "a piece of meat."  It creates an uncomfortable experience for them that is just not pleasant.  And it hurts a little bit of their heart.

Men, let's bless the ladies we interact with by being gentlemen.  May our words, looks, and deeds be respectful, appropriate, and comforting.  That's how Jesus treated women.  And we should do the same.

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