Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter, everyone!
It's been a fantastic day here in Sumter.  We enjoyed our first Easter with our church family at New Calvary Baptist Church.  Then my family and I ate a delicious lunch with my parents at their home.  Mom and Lara teamed up to serve everyone a great meal.  Of course I should also add that Lara and the kids looked like a million bucks this Easter! 
It's a special day, you know?!  Jesus Christ was dead on Friday.  Dead on Saturday.  But alive on Sunday.  Do I really believe that?  Absolutely!  He walked out of the tomb on that first Easter morning, and He has been alive ever since.  A risen Savior!  That's who you and I serve.
Jesus lives.  He always will.  And that's why we Christians rejoice. 

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