Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lizzie And Me At The Masters

My daughter, Lizzie, and I had the thrill of a lifetime this past weekend.  On Saturday, June 12, we attended The Masters in Augusta, Georgia.  A good friend of ours gave us tickets so we could attend.  And we sure are glad we went!
First of all, the course was beautiful.  Gorgeous.  Stunning.  I was blown away at how pretty everything was.  Especially Amen Corner.  Honestly, I thought we were at Heaven on Earth as we walked those famous grounds.
Next, the people there were classy.  The fans and the workers were a total pleasure to be around.  I did not see one person being rude or obnoxious.  Folks had good manners and plenty of smiles.  We enjoyed the company of everyone we interacted with. 
Also, the food there was amazing.  The egg salad sandwiches and the pimento cheese sandwiches were mighty delicious.  To top it off, they were only $1.50 each!  I was amazed at how inexpensive the food was.
Finally, we did take in some good golf action.  We got to see Tiger Woods for three holes.  Also, we saw Sergio Garcia and Vijay Singh.  Of course there were plenty of other guys we saw, but those three were the most popular ones we got to see in person.
I'll never forget my special day with Lizzie at The Masters.  And I'll forever hold on to the picture that was taken of us on our day together.  It truly was a magical experience!

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