Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Bike And The Golf Clubs

Not too long ago, I told my family that I hoped to get a bike one day soon.

Shortly after that, I was walking down the road with my son when this guy I've never met before called out to me from his yard.  It turned out he serves in the Air Force.  He explained that he was getting transferred to another location.  Then he asked me if I would take his bike because he couldn't take it with him.

God provided for me a bike.

A week ago, I was visiting with some friends.  We were discussing golf.  I told the guy that I didn't have any clubs, and I hoped to get a set soon.

Two days later I was visiting a different home here in Sumter.  A fellow there asked me if I wanted a set of golf clubs.  They were sitting in the garage and not being used.

God provided for me a set of golf clubs.

I've been thinking about how God chooses to bless us.  He most certainly provides for our needs.  But He also at times provides for our wants.

I did not need a bike.  I did not need a set of golf clubs.  But I wanted them.  And God chose to give them to me.

I'll bet occasionally He does the same for you too!

What are we to make of this?

#1).  God does take note of our desires and He responds accordingly.  He's not just preoccupied with big matters.  He also cares about the little things we think and talk about.

#2).  God deserves our gratitude.  Part of our prayers should be a "Thank you!" for the needs and wants He meets.  We ought to express our appreciation to Him for the extra blessings He sends our way.

I realize God owes me nothing.  His choosing to bless me is an act of grace.  And I also know that if He did not give me the bike and the golf clubs, He would still be worthy of praise and thanks.

Yes, God meets our needs.  And there are times when He goes the extra mile to grant us our wants too. That just further proves He cares for us.  We matter to Him.  And that, friends, is a mighty good thing!

Talk to God about your needs.  And while you're at it, feel free to mention to Him your wants.  If your desires are in line with His perfect will, you just may see Him come through on your behalf in a special way.

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