Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Stereo From Vietnam

I recently visited with a family who was grieving the death of a man they loved.  As we were talking, they told me about his return from Vietnam years ago.  As his military service in the war abroad was drawing to an end, he found a stereo over there he loved.  He could play all his tunes on it, and the sound was perfect.  The problem was he did not have much room in his bag for the flight back to America.  So, here is what he decided to do:  He left his clothes in Vietnam, stuffed the cool stereo in his bag, and brought it home.  

He had to choose.  He picked the stereo over his clothes.  And he felt good about it!

We have to choose.

Here is the choice:  Do we live for ourselves or for Jesus?

We can't have it both ways.  Either we selfishly live for the person who stares back at us in the mirror and only please him or her.  Or we selflessly live for the risen, living Son of God and please Him.

If we live for ourselves, we possibly can have temporary happiness.  But if we live for Jesus, we certainly will have eternal joy.

If we live for ourselves, we may can have partial satisfaction.  But if we live for Jesus, we definitely will have complete fulfillment.

If we live for ourselves, we might accumulate treasures on Earth that could last a few years.  But if we live for Jesus, we absolutely will lay up treasures in Heaven that will last forever.

That cool guy in Vietnam had to choose.  Stereo or clothes.  He picked the stereo and never once regretted it.

We have to choose.  Living for ourselves or living for Jesus.  Let's pick Jesus with the assurance we will never regret it.

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