Sunday, July 6, 2014

Retelling Of The Ten

***  I wish to share with you today a poem I have written.  It is my attempt at creatively explaining the 10 Commandments, which are listed in Exodus 20.  Hopefully it will be a little helpful in reflecting on that important scripture.  ***

Retelling of the Ten

God gave commandments numbered ten.
Why don't we list them once again?

"No other gods" is first for you.
To our Lord, be faithful and true.

"No idols" means to worship wood
Or man-made objects is not good.

Number three says "Honor the name."
Don't cast upon it sinful shame.

"Honor the Sabbath" means to rest,
Since God in Heaven found it best.

"Honor parents" we are told.
Obey when young - respect when old.

"Do not murder" says life means much
Since it was made by God's own touch.

"No adultery" tells man and wife
Sleeping around will wreck your life.

"You shall not steal" says number eight.
Eat only what is on your plate.

"Bearing false witness" deals with words.
Lies and rumors are for the birds.

"Do not covet" means watch yourself.
Quit wanting what's on neighbor's shelf

To sum these up the best we can:
Love your God and fellow man.

(By David Richardson)

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