Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pax Et Bonum

I remember that Saturday night well.  Sitting on an old pontoon boat in the middle of Santee Cooper, eating boiled peanuts, listening to Ronnie Milsap sing "Lost In The Fifties Tonight" on the radio, and enjoying the view of the Carolina moon and stars. Peace was what I felt that night.

I remember that North Carolina mountain trip like it was yesterday.  Swimming with some good buddies at the base of a cool waterfall back in the woods, and then falling asleep on those big rocks while letting the warm sunlight dry me off.  Peace was what I felt that day.

We all treasure peace.  It's a priceless blessing that soothes our hearts and calms our minds.  It grants us serenity and stability that we need for daily living.

Saint Francis of Assisi and the other monks in his monastery would often speak the Latin phrase "Pax et Bonum."  Christians around the world still use this phrase today.  Here is what it means:  "Peace and goodness be with you."

Most of us can't nightly enjoy a boat ride on the lake.  A lot of us can't daily enjoy a carefree swim in the base a cool mountain waterfall.  But we don't have to do those things for peace to be with us.  Regardless of our location and circumstances, we can have an inner calmness that settles our hearts and minds.

Jesus is described in Isaiah 9:6 as the "Prince of Peace".  What an appropriate title.  He enables us to live in the peace of God.  When Jesus becomes our Savior and Lord, He grants us a calmness that is better than anything this world has to offer.

Are you stressed, worried, afraid, or weary?  Is life getting to be a bit too much for you to bear?  If so, Pax et Bonum.  May God's peace and goodness gently stir afresh within you.  May you be reminded that God is big, powerful, wise, totally in control, and daily looking out for you.  May you be settled with serenity that only comes from above.

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