Monday, March 10, 2014

Good News For Sinners Like Me

In a cemetery outside of New York City there is a tombstone that has only one word on it.  It's a perfect word.  The tombstone reads:  Forgiven.  

Everything God does is amazing.  The resume with His name on it is filled with awe-inspiring accomplishments.  His divine work is worthy of praise and deserving of celebration.

But I'm especially excited about this:  God forgives.  He really does!  And that's good news for sinners like me.

How does God forgive?

Well, He does the following with our sins:

(1).  He stomps on them with His feet and throws them to the bottom of the sea.  (Micah 7:19)

(2).  He chooses to not remember or think about them any more.  (Isaiah 43:25)

(3).  He leaves them behind and never turns around to revisit or see them again.  (Isaiah 38:17)

Aren't you thankful for this?  I sure am.  It's wonderful news.

I am flawed and imperfect.  I have made my mistakes.  But I am forgiven.  And for that reason, gratitude fills my heart.

Let God forgive you.  Allow Him to erase the wrongdoings from your track record.  That blessing alone will give you enough reason to celebrate for all of eternity.

How awesome it is to be forgiven.

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