Friday, March 14, 2014


(Pictured above is our family)


I have one.  And most likely you do too.

What does it mean?

Family means "Let's stick together."  In good times and in rough times, family members hold on to each other.  The unit remains intact and never allows itself to be divided.

Family means "I love you anyway."  When one member does wrong or makes a mistake, the other members still treasure him or her.  The unit does not love sin, but it does continue loving the member who sinned.

Family means "We're worth fighting for."  The unit is worth making sacrifices for and doing what it takes to survive and thrive.  All members are willing to work on things such as service, forgiveness, patience, listening, and understanding for the common good.

Family is a treasure of commitment and unconditional love.  And it's worth working on.

Hold on to your family.  I will hold on to mine.

May God bless our families.

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