Sunday, January 26, 2014

What We Do

I was driving up highway 27 here in Sebring.

"We invest in relationships" was the message I saw on a bank's billboard.

"We cater" was the message I saw on a bar-b-q restaurant's sign.

Within 30 seconds, two businesses let me know what they do.

So that got me thinking ... what do we Christians do?

The answer popped real quickly into my head:  We love God and we love people.

I got that answer there in the front seat of my old car by remembering the words of Jesus.  In Matthew chapter 22, some religious people were asking Him about the most important commandment.  He answered #1 love God (verse 37) and #2 love people (verse 39).

That's what we do.

We love God...  This motivates us to obey, serve, follow, honor, and worship Him.  And when we fail, our love for Him inspires us to quickly confess, repent, and get back on track.

We love people...  This motivates us to tell them about God's truth, care for them when they hurt, and treat them right.  And when we fail, our love for them inspires us to quickly apologize and make things right with them.

It's really pretty simple.  Jesus defined for us with pin-point accuracy exactly what our business is.  He made it crystal clear for us.

I'm glad the bank and the bar-b-q place understand their mission.  It's so important to have well defined missions and objectives.  That's how they stay focused and succeed at what they do.

Let's focus, Christians, on what we are supposed to do.  Let's love God.  And let's love people.

When we do that, all the other stuff in life falls into place and makes much more sense.

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