Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Suicide - Part 1

You always have something to live for.


Maybe you lost a relationship, a job, or your financial security.  Perhaps you made a big mistake and are having to suffer the consequences for it publicly and privately.  Possibly you feel there is no hope of things getting any better.

You're considering ending your own life to escape this seemingly unbearable pain.

Just hold on.  Stop!  Do not do that.

Just as quickly as life took a turned downward, it can turn upward.  Things can change in a second.  Your problem is not eternal.

It's in the hard times that you can learn, grow, and become a better person.  Challenges stretch you in good ways.  Your adversity can actually make you stronger and wiser.

Keep in mind there is most likely one person who loves you and needs you.  Maybe a parent, or a child, or a buddy.  Your taking your own life would devastate them.

There is a God who is there, and He does care.  He loves you deeply.  Your attention needs to lock onto the truth that you do matter to God, and He is available to help.

So put down that gun.  Walk away from those pills.  Throw away that rope.

You always have something to live for.

Keep living so you can experience the thrill of overcoming your challenges.

Keep living so you can learn, grow, and become the person who helps others work through their issues.

Keep living so you can bless and comfort the ones who do indeed love you.

Keep living so you can walk with God and experience what He has laid out for you.

Take a deep breath.  Look up to God.  Resolve to hang in there.  And live.

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