Monday, January 6, 2014

Carolina Graveyard Lesson

In high school, I earned money on a lot of Saturdays by working in graveyards. My late grandfather, Leon Richardson, had this business called Richardson Monuments, and it was located in Sumter, South Carolina.  It's still there today, by the way.  He sold tombstones and grave markers. Then a team of us younger guys, usually led by my dad, went out to the actual grave sites and set up these beautiful monuments.  Some of these were big, heavy pieces of granite.  It was not easy work, but I enjoyed those Saturdays with the fellows in those Carolina graveyards.

I learned early on that the key to setting up a tombstone the right way was to have a solid, level foundation.  My dad took his time leveling out the ground, mixing and pouring the concrete, and making sure everything was just right before we ever put down one of those huge rocks.  This would ensure that the tombstone would stand strong over time.

We need a good foundation to base our lives on too.  And I can't think of a better one than Jesus.  Life can get a little tough.  But Jesus, the Son of God, is mighty strong.  If we place our faith in Him, stay connected to Him, and trust in the promises made by Him, we can remain firmly grounded over the years and during the storms of life.

I'm learning this truth in my life more and more:  I need Jesus.  Big time.  He is The Rock on which I must stand.  And this is true for you as well.

Let's base our everything on Jesus.  What a difference that will make.  And what a long-term blessing that will be.

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