Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Rewind - 3/21/16

*  Friday night was good fun for all ages here at New Calvary Baptist Church!  Pine Grove Baptist Church, out of Lugoff, came over with their puppet ministry and knocked everyone's socks off.  With a mixture of black lights, music, and various types of puppets, people were led in a time of worship that was all about Jesus.  It was a neat experience that we won't soon forget.
*  An excited crowd was in attendance.  There were all ages, from kids to senior adults. 
*  Afterwards, we all went outside for a cookout.  There was plenty of food for everyone.  EJ brought the "big man grill" and fixed a ton of hotdogs.  And a big group of kids had fun running around and playing in the yard. 
*  The kids, a buddy, and I went to see Disney's "Zootopia" on Saturday night.  It was animated, but very well done.  And it was a good reminder about not being prejudiced towards different groups.  We all had a good time watching it at The Beacon.
*  On Sunday I continued leading our study through the book of James.  My morning sermon was "He's God And We're Not" and the scripture was James 4:11-17.  Here were my two main points:
[1]  God Is The Judge
[2]  God Knows The Future
*  Yep, believe it or not, a Baptist sermon actually can be preached without three points.  Ha!  :)
*  I enjoyed the choir special in the morning service.  It was really worshipful.
*  In the evening service, I did something a little different.  It wasn't so much a sermon as I was just a walk through the scripture about the crucifixion of Christ.  Since it was Holy Week, we needed to revisit the cross of our Savior. 
*  Our church council had a good meeting afterwards.  I like how this group gets together and plans out a calendar for every month.  It's a good way for leaders to communicate and get all the ducks in a row.  I'm definitely a fan of having a church council in the church!  It's a great help.
*  The best video I've watched lately:  We have two guys from Lithuania here on our Gamecocks basketball team.  They've been here four years.  And their moms recently flew all the way over here to see them play for the first time in America.  This short video about their reunion and their first time in America is really something to watch.  You'll enjoy this for sure.  Just click HERE.
*  Easter is coming up in just a few days.  Between now and then, may we all be mindful of the cross.  And may we spend time thanking Jesus for how He stood in our place and took our punishment.  What an awesome Savior He is!
*  That's it for now.  New blog posts will be posted this week.
May God bless you and yours today!

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