Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Wonderful Williston Wedding Weekend

It's been quite a fun couple of days.  Actually, it's been a wonderful Williston wedding weekend.  Here is the story and a few pictures.

From 2002-2009, I served as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Williston, SC.  I loved that church and they were good to our family.  While we were there, we knew a young girl named Megan.  She was a great kid.  Well, since then, she grew up, met a good Christian guy, and got engaged to be married.  After he proposed, she called and asked me to come officiate her wedding.  I quickly agreed to do it, and I'm glad I did.  We travelled to Williston yesterday, and we returned home to Sumter tonight.

Here is the church I used to pastor.  It's a beautiful, old building that stands in the middle of town.  It's been neat to see it again.  I snapped this picture this morning.
This is where we lived during our Williston years.  I rode by it today, and all kinds of good memories flooded my mind while seeing it.  It was a nice home for us.
The wedding ceremony went well.  They wrote their own vows and picked their own scriptures.  The music was very well done.  And it was just a worshipful experience.  I'm happy for Megan and Brandon, and I appreciate them asking me to officiate their service.  After the ceremony, we got a quick picture taken together.  They're a fine, young, Christian couple, and I wish them well.
Their reception took place at Megan's home.  Her parents had big, beautiful tents brought in and set up.  It was decorated very nicely, and everyone had a ball.  It's one of the coolest receptions I've ever attended.
Lara and the girls went to the wedding too.  They got all prettied up before the service, and of course I snapped a quick picture of them.  Needless to say, they all were happy for Megan, and they enjoyed visiting friends from Williston.
We stayed with James and Mary.  They were really good friends of our family while we lived there.  They're special people, and have always been good to us.  Before we left town, Emerson got a picture taken with them. 
It really was a great couple of days.  I deeply appreciate Megan and Brandon including us in their big moment.  And I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a bunch of friends who will always mean a lot to our family.


  1. David, this is Donald, Brandon's uncle. I hope you remember me. You and I had a wonderful and delightful conversation while everyone took pictures. I truly enjoyed the conversation and the story you briefly told me about the church, your family and your travels as a pastor. Seems as if we were childhood friends, recreating the past. I pray God's choice blessings upon your lives as we keep each other in prayer. May our paths cross again, while here on this earth, if not, it's been my pleasure. Great Blog might I add.

    Donald Newton

  2. Donald, I most certainly do remember you. It was a pleasure talking with you about life. Thanks for sharing some time with me. You have a fine family, and I'm happy to see how you have been blessed. God bless you, Sir. And I do hope we can keep in touch.