Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Rewind - 2016

*  It's been a good Easter Sunday here in Sumter, SC.
*  The Easter Bunny left gifts for the kids in the living room.  Plenty of candy was around, and a few other little things.  They seemed to have fun with that.
 *  Before Sunday School this morning, we all met in the front yard of New Calvary Baptist Church for scripture, prayer, and a song.  It was a special few moments for us as we kicked off a meaningful Sunday together.
*  A good sized crowd came out for our 11:00 am worship service.  It was great to see everyone gather as one.
*  Joy did a really nice job planning out this service.  Lots of special music celebrating Jesus.  It was a great time of worship!
*  The sermon I preached was entitled "Down And Back Up Again" and the scripture was 1 Corinthians 15:3-4.  Here was my outline:
Verse 3 - A sacrifice was made.
Verse 4 - An arising took place.
*  I talked about the resurrection of Jesus and what difference it makes in our lives today.
*  Folks looked good today.  Shirley's hat was great!  And Emerson's bow tie was mighty sharp too. 
*  We had no evening service tonight at the church.   This was so people could spend extra time with family on such a special day. 
*  I'm glad we have a risen, living Savior!
*  Because He lives, He is worthy of our worship and deserving of our trust.
*  It's been a good day.  Easter of 2016 will be remembered around here as a positive one.  God's been kind, and I am thankful.
*  That's it for tonight.  Plenty of new blog posts will be posted this week.  I hope you find them helpful and encouraging.
May God bless you and yours!

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