Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Listening To The Sermon

So it's Sunday morning.  You're sitting there in the pews and the pastor is getting ready to preach.  It's time for the sermon. 
Here are some things to remember at this moment...
[1]  Whisper a prayer.  Ask God to give the pastor the words that need to be spoken.  And ask God to speak into your heart through the message.
[2]  Do your part.  To maximize those message moments, choose to tune in, pay attention, and listen to whatever message there is in store for you that day.  This requires effort.  When it comes to sermon time, you'll get out of it whatever you choose to put into it.    
[3]  Look closely at the scripture.  God's Word is rich, and you'll find something special in there for you.  You may find a promise to claim, an example to follow, or a command to obey.  Don't just sit passively while the preacher talks.  Open up the Bible for yourself and follow along while the sermon is being preached.  And always check to see if what the pastor is saying can be backed up with God's Word.
[4]  Ask yourself the "So what?" question.  In other words, ask yourself, "So what should I do in response to this sermon?"  This has to do with being a "doer" instead of just a "hearer."  Make up your mind to live out what you have just taken in.  Respond to what God says to you during the sermon.
I firmly believe these four practices will help us all have a positive experience while listening to the sermon.

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