Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When We Crash

"Lord, be my help."
Psalm 30:10

Not long after it happened, I came upon a truck that crashed here in Sumter.  It had gone off the road and down into a big ditch.  And it was sure in a tight spot.  There was nothing the driver could do to fix the situation.  Fortunately, help arrived, the truck was pulled out, and it looked like the driver was going to be ok. 

Seeing that crashed truck got me thinking...

It's possible for our lives to crash.  Traumas and hard times come knocking along the way.  I've been there, and so have you.  On some occasions, the crash is our own fault because of wrong choices we make.  And then there are those times when something bad happens to us that is beyond our control. 

When there's a crash in your or my life, let's remember the following...

[1]  Take responsibility.  If we are in a mess because of a wrong choice we made, it's always best to admit it, take full blame, and accept the consequences.  Blaming other people or difficult circumstances is out of the question here.  We must be transparent and admit "I have done wrong" when we are guilty.  No, it's not always easy.  But it is always best.  And it's the first step towards healing and recovering from the trauma.

[2]  Let people help.  Get real with family and friends about what has happened.  Listen to words of wisdom from people who are mature spiritually.  Get counseling.  Open up and be vulnerable with people about what has really happened.  This allows others, who have an objective point of view, to give us helpful advice. 

[3]  Try God.  If you're stuck in a mess of any kind right now, pray to Him and ask for help.  God knows it all and can do it all.  And He deeply loves His people.  Who better to cry out to for help than Him? 

I love these words from Psalm 40:2  "He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand."  Just as the driver was helped with his crash, we can be helped in our traumas.  God truly is a help to those who are in need.

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