Tuesday, February 9, 2016


The Harbaugh boys were given great advice on how to approach every day.  John and Jim, both of whom grew up to become big time football coaches, were sitting in the back of their father's car.  When they were being dropped off at school, their father would say to them, "Ok, men, grab your lunchboxes and attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!"

Now THAT'S a good motivational speech to hear in the morning!!

Did you catch what he said?  "Attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!"  Think about it...

We are not to endure this day or just try to get through it.

We are not to timidly approach this day with fear and weak knees.


We are to charge courageously into this day with the firm belief that, thanks be to God, we've got everything we need to do what must be done.

And we are to launch into this day enthusiastically.  That has to do with passion and intensity.  It means were are to be excited and ready to roll with a positive, can-do attitude.  Confidence and readiness are to be boiling up inside of us as we get started in the morning.

Jack Harbaugh taught his boys right!  And I think if we follow his advice, we too can accomplish great things.  Let's choose the right attitude as we approach this day. 

Because of God, we've got what it takes!

We're well equipped and divinely assisted for all the tasks and challenges that wait for us.

We've got absolutely nothing to fear.

Just like the Harbaugh boys, let's charge into every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!

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