Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Night Rewind - 2/7/16

*  New Calvary Baptist Church!  Man, I love these people.  And I enjoyed getting to spend today with them. 

*  We had a good sized crowd today.  Guests and members alike showed up, and I was glad to see every one of them. 

*  Thrilled to have a young family join our church family today!  I was happy to see them take that step after visiting for a while.  My hope is that we can be a good church for them, and that I can be a good pastor for them. 

*  I swung by a Sunday School class full of boys today.  They're all great kids, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Here's a quick look at this cool crew of guys:
*  This morning's sermon was a continuation of our walk through the book of James.  Specifically we focused on verses 1-13 of chapter two.  The message was entitled "Playing Favorites."
*  God is impartial.  He does not play favorites.  And that's a great deal for us!

*  We are called to be impartial and not play favorites.  Regardless of the person's appearance, gender, skin color, economic condition, place of residence, or social status, we are to show them love and acceptance.

*  Studying and preaching through the book of James has sure been a good exercise for me personally.  It's teaching, convicting, and helping me.  As I do my homework each week, I'm discovering more and more of why this is such an awesome book.  I just hope that this study is helping folks the way it is helping me.

*  Super Bowl 50 was today.  I am a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan, and since my team didn't make it to the playoffs, I pulled for the Carolina Panthers. 
*  Congrats to the Denver Broncos!  And I am happy for Peyton Manning.  It's good to see a guy his age win a Super Bowl. 

*  We enjoyed a bunch of good food tonight!  That made the big game even more fun.
*  Our menu included wings, pizza, cookie cake, and Rice Krispy treats. 

*  We travelled out of town yesterday and visited our oldest child, Katie.  She's a college student now, and is really doing well.  I'm proud of the young lady that she is.  Katie is growing up, making good choices, and pursuing her goals.

*  Emerson was recognized at his school this past week for making the honor roll and for good conduct.

*  Rachel continues to be a great kid that warms my heart.  She's quiet and shy, but she's also a deep thinker. 

*  Elizabeth earned her drivers license a few days ago.  She's one happy girl!  And she visited a college for the first time.  It's hard to believe that she will be entering that next phase of life in the not so distant future.

*  Moving from Florida to South Carolina a couple of years ago was an adjustment for the kids.  It was easy for me, because this is my home.  But it was hard for them to leave their friends.  The good news is they are adjusting to their new lives and doing well.  I'm proud of them.

*  Dawn Smith Jordan will be with us at New Calvary Baptist next Sunday morning, February 14.  She will be singing and sharing her story.  I'm really looking forward to this.  Everyone is welcome to come out for this special service at 11:00 am.  To check out her website and learn more about her, just click HERE.

*  Clay Smith recently wrote a really good blog post entitled "For Or Against".  Plenty of politicians talk about what they're against.  But have you ever wondered what Jesus is for?  I'd encourage you to take a moment and read Clay's thoughts.  You can check it out by clicking HERE.

*  That's all I've got for tonight.  As you can see, life is going well.  Not perfect, obviously.  But I am blessed and I am thankful.  God's been good to me.

*  Thanks for checking out my blog.  I'll post new stuff here this week, and I hope you find it encouraging. 

*  God bless you and yours!!

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