Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Night Rewind - 2/14/16

*  Man, oh man, what a weekend!  It was a really good one.

*  Today is Valentine's Day.  It's a special time to celebrate the people we love, and to be thankful for the people who love us.  And what a blessing it is to be loved by God!
*  Today was also a great one because of the good things happening here at New Calvary Baptist Church.

*  After our 11:00 am worship service, I stood around and visited with people.  I was the last person to leave the building around 12:30 pm.  When I walked out to my truck, I turned my phone back on, and received the following text from my mom:
*  Mom was referring to the 11:00 am worship service we had this morning.  And I agreed 100% with her text.  It really was a fantastic hour of worship!

*  Dawn Smith Jordan was our special guest this morning.  She won Miss South Carolina 1986.  And she's got a special ministry going.  She speaks, sings, writes, and shares a message of grace and love everywhere she goes.
*  Dawn really did an awesome job here at New Calvary today.  Her music was inspiring.  Her honesty, humility, and transparency helped us feel a connection with her.  And the stories she shared were touching.  It was an incredible time of worship that I will remember for a long, long time.

*  After the service, my daughters and I were glad to get a picture taken with Dawn.
*  Thanks for coming today, Dawn!!  We appreciate you.  And we wish you nothing but the very best as you continue to serve the Lord.

*  Tonight at 6:00 pm, our youth group put on a Valentine Banquet.  They served a delicious meal.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  The food was delicious, and the fellowship was fun. 

*  We've got a fine group of young people in this church, and I sure do appreciate the adults who work with them. 

*  God's growing this church, and I'm thrilled to be along for the ride.  One of the guys in our church told me the other day, "Man, God is about to blow the walls out of this place!"  You know what?  I think he may be right.  Possibly.  But either way, it's an absolute thrill to see people filling up the pews and becoming a part of this place.

 *  My oldest daughter, Katie, turned 19 years old on Friday.  We all had a great time celebrating with her at California Dreaming in Columbia, SC.  Dad and Mom came along for a delicious meal and good fun.  I was glad to get a quick picture snapped with her that night.
*  I was talking with Mom on the phone this afternoon, and I told her that I'm so thankful for all of the good things happening in my life right now.  I do not deserve the blessings that are falling on me.  Really, I don't.  But God's grace really is amazing.  I am truly grateful for it, and I want to handle it the right way.

*  Plenty of new blog posts are coming this week.  I hope you get something good out of them!

*  Have a great night.  Peace to you and yours.

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